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Mark Atkins Didge

Welcome to DidgeWeb, the site for Dutch and Flemish
didgeridoo players and didgeridoo lovers.

A number of items on this site are only in Dutch and cannot be accessed via the English pages. If you understand Dutch, please visit the Dutch version of this page. There you can see e.g. a nice Who's who, a didgecussion board and a pinboard. The English version of DidgeWeb's pinboard runs on DidgeWorld. To check the English pinboard you can Click here.

Note that there is a very comprehensice American Didgeridoo site : Dreamtime: a didgeridoo source

  • Didge Info: Information on the didgeridoo. This includes a number of handy DidgeTools for your PC and DidgeWeb's Screensaver
  • Varia: These pages are mainly available in Dutch, however the Guestbook and some other pages are available in English too
  • Photobook: Lots of Didgeridoo photos, taken at festivals, special workshops, funny ocasions etc.
  • CD's & Books: A list of books and CD's with or about the didgeridoo or Aboriginal culture.
  • The Agenda: The Dutch version has an extensive list of happenings. The English version gives you the possibility to add items etc.
  • Links: It's in the name. Lots of Links to Dutch, Flemish and Worldwide didgeridoo sites. Currently partially in Dutch, but you'll be able to understand
  • Sitemap: A list of all the pages on this site.


Check the CD and book page!

Check DidgeWorld's Pinboard (made available by DidgeWeb)

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