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This is a list of CD's and books with/about didgeridoo I have listened to or read. It can be updated regularly. Books/Records will not be available everywhere; certain records may be unavailable anymore or not be available outside of the Netherlands. This list is alphabetically ordered on Artist (not on Family name!).

Dit is een lijst met CD's en boeken die ik beluisterd/gelezen heb en die over didgeridoo gaan/met didgeridoo zijn of nauw hiermee verbonden zijn (zoals Aboriginal Art). De lijst kan regelmatig bijgewerkt worden. Sommige boeken/CD's zullen niet overal verkrijgbaar zijn, of zullen alleen via Internet in het buitenland besteld kunnen worden. Deze lijst is alfabetisch georderd op Artist (niet op achternaam!).

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Cover Artist Title Distributor / ID My Personal Comments
CD Adam Plack & Johnny (White Ant) Soames Winds of Warning Australian Music International
AMI 2002-2
Nice CD, nice rhythms
Recently added CD/book
Adrian Ross Didgeridoo Dreaming Shake Records
Quiet didge playing with other instruments such as percussion, keyboard, guitar, etc. to create a nice dream-like atmosphere.
CD Alan Dargin & Gary Thomas Didgeriduo Aquarius AIM 0016 Nice hearing two different styles together. Some recordings and photos are made at the Sfinks festival and workshop.
CD Alan Dargin & Michael Atherton Cross + Hatch, Didjeridu + Percussion Black Sun 15028-1 Great CD! See also my Didge page (Didge Info / Sound(Klank) ) for an audio sample.
CD Alan Dargin & Michael Atherton Bloodwood, the art of the didjeridu Small World Music
I guess the first well known CD from Alan. Contains his famous Hitchhiker's Nightmare.
CD Alastair Black Earth Tones incl. A Beginnerís Guide Ozworld Entertainment
Nice CD. Contains a beginner's guide, teaching you how to play didge, when you're an absolute beginner.
CD  Alex Mayer Travellers Dream, Busking with the didgeridoo ETHIC RECORDS
195 106
This was my very first didge CD, so I have special feelings for this one. It contains pure didge, without accompanying instruments. No 'traditional' music, but it shows nicely what is possible with a solo didge.
Good listening and some nice rhythms!
CD Ankala & WorldOrchestra Didje Blows the Games Network Medien GmbH
Good CD. Didj with a lot of other instruments. Nice jamming like playing in various world styles.
CD Ankala: Mark Atkins, Janawirri Yiparrka, Michael Atherton & Guests Rhythms from the outer core WDR World Network
Nice CD. Some typical Mark Atkins sounds.
CD Ash Dargan Demurru Meditation,
Solo didjeridu for relaxation and meditation
Indigenous Australia
IA2032 D
Nice and quiet didge playing.
CD Ash Dargan Wirrigan , Spirit Man Indigenous Australia
IA 2038 D
The CD says Traditional Aboriginal Music & Chants. It sounds rather traditional but I do feel it is somewhat modernized. The didge is played (as many Indigenous Australia CD's) by Ash Dargan, although his name (as usual) is written only on the inside.
CD Axis Playing in Tongues Axis
WOW! Axis are two students of Charlie McMahon, but it seems they can even play faster. Although they play really fast licks, it still has a certain relaxed quality, perhaps thanks to the western style (metric) music. Some rhythms seem easy but are difficult to play. Great CD with nice swinging and sometimes almost classical tracks.
CD Axis Planet Didge ARC music
EUCD 1654
This is in fact Playing in Tongues, but now not under their own Axis label (and thus easier to order).
CD Barramundi Didgeridoo, Music for Meditation Binkey Kok
Meditative didge with bells, gongs, etc. This is indeed a good description of the CD. Really nice when you love slow a-rhythmic playing or when you want to float away.
CD Barramundi The Complete Course, The Didgeridoo Barramundi A good Didge course. The voice on this CD is from Ian Hakker, my first teacher.
CD Charlie McMahon Tjilatjila Spectrum
SPX 405 CD
When you love looow didges, or classical music and didges, it's a CD you must have. Really relaxing! Really beautiful!
CD Circular Breathing Currents Janusphere
Relaxing music with 3 didges and some drums. percussion etc. Nice listening.
CD David Blanasi Didjeridu Master Big Bang Records Well, David Blanasi is the Didge Master! A great CD, but be sure to listen to it before you buy. It contains high-class traditional playing from the true roots! Definitely not 'Western'!
CD David Hudson Nessun Dorma
"Gari Wunang"
Indigenous Australia
IA 2011 D
The classical piece Nessun Dorma with Sax, Didge, vocals, popularized into Muzak with a drum computer. Nice listening, but the didge does not form a nice unity with the rest of the music; it is played now and again in a dreaming kind of fashion.
CD David Hudson Rainbow Serpent, Music for Didgeridoo & Percussion Celestial Harmonies
Good CD. Didge with accompanying music.
CD David Hudson Woolunda, Ten Solos For Didgeridoo Celestial Harmonies
Good CD, only didge. Contains some nice rhythms to practise :-) .
CD David Hudson Yigi Yigi;
Solo didgeridoo
Indigenous Australia
IA2004 D
Solo didge with nice rhythms. Good rhythms for practising.
CD Delago Didge Goes World Prudence
Nice combination of lots of different instruments and world music styles. Good rhythmic playing
CD Delago Gado Gado Prudence
CD Delago Trance Alpin Prudence
Delago is always nice listening but difficult to describe. Strange (uncommon) combination of instruments (including alarm horns), good didge playing that combines nicely with the other instruments.
CD Dirk Brossé Artesia Philips
446 957-2
Classical music with ethnic instruments. Jan Marmenout on Didge (now and again). Beautiful music but not much didge.
CD DrDidg Out of the Woods Hannibal
HNCD 1384
Didge with modern instruments. I love the TeeTaaTeeTuu rhythm on the first track. The last track is a very beautiful transition from traditional playing style to western style music!
CD DrDidg Serotonality Rykodisc
HNCD 21406
Didge with modern instruments, creating a nice fusion.
CD Ganga Giri Termite Grooves Ganga Giri . . .
CD Gary Thomas Daliís Cave Aquarius International Music
Gary loves those really harmonic sounds. They're on this CD too :-)
CD Gary Thomas Didgeridoo, Ancient sound of the Future Aquarius International Music
Recently added CD/book
Gjallarhorn Grimborg Fréa Records
MWCD 4040
Swedish/Finnish Folk with didgeridoo. Good CD great live show (should you ever be able to see them). I like especially Cow Calling : good didge, great voice!
CD Gjallarhorn Sjofn Fréa Records
MWCD 4032
Folk-like, traditional Swedish/Finnish like music. Nice listening, but sometimes it feels as if too many instruments play at the same time
CD Global Collective Red Sands Dreaming New World Music
NWCD 515
Traditional Aboriginal singing and sometimes didge with a western rhythm section. Really cute. It may make the step to only traditional aboriginal music perhaps easier. On the other hand, if you're used to traditional music it may be a shock :-)
Recently added CD/book
Gondwana Boneman LOG music
Trance/Techno-like record with Face Bass (seismic senser) didge recordings. On some tracks you'll not only hear Charlie McMahon on didge, but you'll hear him singing as well! Didge recordings as you will not often hear them 
CD Gondwana Travelling LOG music
The first version of Travelling (not easily available anymore) with 4 extra songs (2 with flute).
CD Gondwana Travelling Spectrum
SPX 402 CD
It's Charlie with his band. Great playing. Pig Wobble is with Mark Atkins. Funny how good you can discern the two players in their playing style!
CD Gondwana Xenophon LOG Music
Charlie McMahon with his band. Xeno = New, Phon = sound, and that describes the music rather good...
CD Gondwanaland Let the Dog Out LOG Music
LOG  5412
A rather Jazzy/rocky kind of CD. Great to hear modern music with didge. The last two tracks are almost meditative.
CD Gondwanaland Over Gondwanaland (best of Gondwanaland) LatiSphere
A compilation of the best tracks of the other Gondwanaland CD's.
CD Gondwanaland Terra Incognita Oceanic Music
When you like Charlie McMahon's playing style (a rather modern style of playing), you gotta have this CD.
CD Gondwanaland Wide Skies Oceanic Music
The music now and again resembles music for movies. Nice listening.
CD Inlakesh Quantum Dreaming Inlakesh Music . . .
CD Inlakesh The Gathering INL004 . . .
CD Jamiroquai Emergency on Planet Earth Sony Music Entertainment
474069 2
Contains some nice Didgeridoo pieces. Gives an impression on how to use the didge in modern music.
CD Jamiroquai Synkronized Sony Music Entertainment
S2 494517 2
Definitely do not buy this CD for the Didge, but only when you like Jamiroquai, or want to hear (mainly on one track: Supersonic) how to use a didge in modern music.
CD Jamiroquai Travelling without Moving Sony Music Entertainment
483999 2
Contains some nice Didgeridoo pieces. Gives an impression on how to use the didge in modern music.
CD Kate Bush Hounds of Love
(incl. 6 Bonus tracks)
EMI 7243 8 57978 2 8 I like Kate Bush even without didge. The bonus track The Big Sky (MeTeorogical Mix) starts with Didge by Paddy Bush (not too great playing though). The booklet says there is more didge on other tracks, but I couldn't detect it yet.
CD Les Aborigenes Chants & Danses de l'Australie du Nord Arion,
ARN 64056
It's in fact David Blanasi in his younger years (1979). A bit faster than on Didjeridu Master
CD Levellers Best of the Levellers
One way of Life
China Records
Punk/rock/folk like music with sometimes (in some tracks) didge (Stephen Boakes).
CD Mark Atkins City Circles European Tour 1996 Special Release Great CD, seems recorded on several locations. Nice rhythms, typical Mark style, but somehow the rhythms are relaxing.
CD Mark Atkins Didgeridoo Concerto Larrikin
Wow! A CD with only one track, but it lasts more than 51 minutes. Mark plays non-stop (51 minutes!) didge with sounds from nature (rain, thunder, dogs, insects,...)
CD Mark Atkins Mark Atkins plays Didgeridoo Larrikin
LRF 386
Surely good playing and some peculiar sounds, but I miss either the relaxing quality most didge CD's have, or a certain basic rhythm (whatever that is). 
Recently added CD/book
Mark Atkins Walk About Walk About Productions
A typical Mark Atkins CD giving a good impressions of his current songs. Nice listening, Mark singing and playing guitar on some songs and there's even a bagpipe on one track. Good didge playing (but that can be expected from Mark )
CD Matthew Doyle Lightning Man Oreade
ORWF 5425-2
Traditional didge and singing (some may find it a bit too non-western, but I like it) and two really beautiful tracks with japanese flute (goose bumps!)
CD Matthew Doyle, with Michael Atherton Lyrebird Black Sun Music
Strong traditional-like didge with some percussion and other instruments. Really special is tongue talk where Matthew sings what is normally played in the didge.
Recently added CD/book
Michel Portal, Stephen Kent, Mino Cinelu Burundi PAO Records
PAO 10630
A relaxed jam/jazzy-kind of music of Didge, Saxophone, Clarinet and Percussion
CD Naturton Dome Natur Ton Music
Over one hour of didge and fujara played in a meditative way.
CD Naturton Odem Natur Ton Music
Didge and Fujara. Meditative playing, and sometimes more rhythmic, intuitive.
CD Nomad Songman AMI CD 7007 Traditional Aboriginal songs (with amongst others David Gulpilil) with modern (Western) music and didge. A beautiful combination!
CD Nomad Nomad
AMI 4004-2 Nomad is Adam Plack. Didge with djembe and other instruments creating a traditional African/American (Indian) and sometimes Australian like atmosphere.
CD Outback Baka Hannibal Records
HNCD 1357
Nice and quiet didge playing with guitar and some other instruments. Certain rhythms reminded me of DrDidg. Not so funny though, since it is the same didge player!
CD Outback Dance the Devil Away Hannibal Records
HNCD 1369
Didge, percussion, guitar. Nice and some typical Graham Wiggins rhythms, not too complex, somewhat 'primitive' feeling to the rhythms
CD Phil Thornton Initiation New World Company
NWCD 197
Nice and calm new age music with didgeridoo and other instruments.
Steven Cragg on Didgeridoo
CD Randy Graves Didgital Ginger Root Records
GRRD 004
Didge and synthesizer/digital effects. This makes the sound sometimes more modern. The style is hard to describe. Sometimes almost psychedelic, sometimes nice rhythms.
CD Resonance Organic Dance Didjeridu GoGoGeYo Records Very fast rhythmic playing (although I sometimes find it too fast, but that's personal). Their didge playing is really good.
CD Richard Walley Boolong Mariposa
MPCD 3017
Traditional like didgeridoo playing with singing and (clap)sticks, a bit adapted for our western ears. Nice!
CD Shozo 25 Visitors - Didgeridoo Solo Cross Culture Holding Ltd.
25 didge solos by Shozo. Shozo plays traditional style and also his didge sounds traditional.
CD Slagerij van Kampen Link Play it again Sam
SOLID 527 5007 20
Slagerij van Kampen is pure rhythm (drums, percussion etc.) so as a didge player you'll probably like it :-) . On the first track and last track of this CD you'll hear a little bit of didge. A nice CD (when you do not buy it for the didge but for the sound)!
CD Somewhere Lights in a Fat City Intuition Music & Media GmbH
City of Tribes Records
CTR8005 2
Stephen Kent on Didge with percussion etc. From rock to ambient.
CD Stephen Kent Family Tree City of Tribes Records
Double CD. . . . The 2nd is inspired on the Comet Hale-Bopp.
CD Stephen Kent Landing City of Tribes Records
CTR 8003 2
Didge, percussion, some singing. Mostly rather quiet meditative, sometimes Stephen's familiar rhythms (e.g. track 6, Jungnawangra).
Recently added CD/book
Stephen Kent Oil and Water Intuition (Schott Music & Media GmbH)
INT 3329 2
A relaxed fusion of Western, Eastern and other kinds of music with didge. 
CD Tony O'Connor Kakadu Studio Horizon Productions
New age like CD with nature sounds, instruments and now and again a didge. Nice background music, but no superb didge playing.
CD Trance Mission Meanwhile City of Tribes Records
CTR 8002 2
. . .
CD Trance Mission Trance Mission City of Tribes Records
Didge with various instruments (such as clarinet, percussion, etc.). Jazzy/Oriental like music. Worth listening to!
Michael Cuming & Sylvana van Dijk
ARC Dreaming Culture Bank Studios Michael can play lots of instruments, even at the same time. A pity that none of the music with Nunukul Kanjeil is on this CD, although the ARC Dreaming show is with Nunukul Kanjeil.
CD Various Artists Arhnem Land Larrikin
CD LRH 288
Traditional Songs and Dances. Recordings from 1957. When you love traditional playing, this is sure a good CD.
CD Various Artists Bushfire, Traditional Aboriginal Music ARC Music
EUCD 0227
The title says it correctly: Traditional Aboriginal Music. Easier to find than David Blanasi's CD, but I prefer the latter one.
CD Various Artists Cool Jazz Hot Didj Indigenous Australia
IA 2034 D
Jazzy music with Didge. Cool :-)
CD Various Artists Didjeridoo, The Australian Aboriginal Music PlayaSound
PS 65167
An original recording from Aboriginals from 1969. The sound quality is not really great, but I guess this is as original Aboriginal music as you can get.
CD Various Artists Didjeridu Planet II Timeless Productions
Recordings from 30 Didge players from the Didgeridoo Mailing list. Some are really good, some are not so good. A nice overview of didge playing around the world.
CD Various Artists Down Under: World Rhythms of Australia Sony / Indigenous Australia
499910 2
A mix of Dance, Chill, Traditional, Fusion and Ambient music with didgeridoo. A nice double CD with (amongst others) David Hudson and Ash Dargan.
CD Various Artists Dreamtime - Didgeridoo festival Berlin 2001 Janusphere
A collection of artists who played at the Festival in Berlin (A.o. Ganga Giri, Charlie McMahon, Janusphere, Denra Dürr, Naturton).
CD Various Artists Ethnotrax Polyglobe Ethic
CD 10004
Didge (Alex Mayer) with modern instruments, creating a nice modern, sometimes jazzy groove.
CD Various Artists Joachim-Ernst Berendt's Klangräume, Live in der Balver Höhle. WDR Network
Great CD with very special music and sounds; all about harmonics (also overtone singing). On a few tracks Gary Thomas plays the didgeridoo.
CD Various Artists Spirit of the Outback Manteca
Various well known didge players, e.g. David Hudson, Charlie McMahon, Dr.Didg, etc. on one CD.
CD Various Artists Spirit of the Wild Man, Didgeridoo and African Percussion Instruments Playasound
PS 65200
Good impression of what is possible with didge + djembe etc.
CD Various Artists The Dutch Didgeridoo Collection Aussiesound A collection of Dutch Didgeridoo players (and one track with Mark Atkins). Some nice tracks, some are just average
CD Various Artists The rough guide, Australian Aboriginal Music World Music Networks
A CD with lots of different music styles, all played by Aboriginals (e.g. Tjapukai Dancers, Mark Atkins, Arnhem Land)
CD Various Artists Yidaki, a didgeridoo compilation JAXX records
6666 9097032 2
The didgeridoo used in a 'modern' way. This CD gives a nice overview of what is possible with a didge in modern and new-age like way.
CD Various Artists Yidaki 2, a didgeridoo compilation JAXX records
6666 9098032 2
The second CD with didgeridoo used in a 'modern' way. This CD gives a nice overview of what is possible with a didge in modern and new-age like way.
CD Yanni Tribute Virgin Records America Inc.
7243 8 44981 2 2
On the last track David Hudson plays together with Yanni's orchestra. Nice number, nice didge playing, but not much didge.
CD Yothu Yindi Birrkuta, Wild Honey Mushroom Records
TVD93461 (RMD53461)
Some nice traditional and traditional based songs and a number of mainstream pop/rock like songs.
CD Yothu Yindi Freedom Mushroom Records
Rock (Ethno rock), with didges. I prefer their first album, however when you like the rock, you probably prefer their latest album, One Blood.
CD Yothu Yindi Homeland Movement Mushroom Records
Funny but I prefer their first CD's above their later ones. When you're not used to traditional music, you'll probably prefer their later albums though, which are more 'modern'.
CD Yothu Yindi One Blood Sony
491 768 2
Good impression of their latest tour. Contains a number of hits from their other albums though. I prefer their earlier albums though.
CD Yothu Yindi Tribal Voice Mushroom Records
As far as I'm concerned, this (with Homeland Movement) is the best CD from Yothu Yindi, containing nice 'original' didge pieces.
Recently added CD/book
Yothu Yindi Foundation, Galarrwuy Yunupingu & Malnjay Ynunupingu Gobulu (Volume 1) Yothu Yindi Foundation
Traditional Music from North East Arnhem Land. This is the first CD of a series of 5 of tradidional songlines.
Recently added CD/book
Yothu Yindi Foundation, Gurritjiri Gurruwiwi & Djalu Gurruwiwi Waluka (Volume 2) Yothu Yindi Foundation
Traditional Music from North East Arnhem Land. The 2nd CD of a series of 5 of tradidional songlines where Djalu plays didge .
Recently added CD/book
Yothu Yindi Foundation, Djalu Gurruwiwi Djalu teaches and plays yidaki (didjeridu) (Volume 3) Yothu Yindi Foundation
Traditional Music from North East Arnhem Land. The 3rd CD of a series of 5 of tradidional songlines. On this CD Djalu teaches the traditional songs on yidaki with Larrtjannja and Barrnyulnyul Wununjmurra.
Recently added CD/book
Yothu Yindi Foundation, Ralkurru Marika Mamba (Volume 4) Yothu Yindi Foundation
Traditional Music from North East Arnhem Land. The 4th CD of a series of 5 of tradidional songlines.
Recently added CD/book
Yothu Yindi Foundation, Mungayana Nundhirribala & Yadu Numamurdirdi Nundhirribala (Volume 5) Yothu Yindi Foundation
Traditional Music from North East Arnhem Land. The 5th CD of a series of 5 of tradidional songlines.
Recently added CD/book
93-D Biame, Great Spirit Oreade
ORWF 5423-2
New age like music; a combination of several cultures, thus although it may traditional it is not, especially when the synthesizer comes in. If you like relaxing music or are looking for traditional like back ground music it is fine though.
CD To be continued      


Cover Author Title Distributor / ISBN nr. My Personal Comments
Book Ad Borsboom Clan Van De Wilde Honing
Spirituele rijkdom van de Aborigines
90 23009 10 X
Ad Borsboom has been to Australia as an Anthropologist. In this book he describes what he learned from Aboriginals in the Wild Honey clan about their way of thinking, living, culture etc. When you're interested in Aboriginal culture, this book is a must have.
Book Bill Bryson Down Under Black Swan, London
ISBN: 0-552-99703-X
Not about didgeridoos, but about didge country, Australia. A very funny book about an American, living in the UK, travelling through Oz.
Book Dirk Schellberg Didgeridoo, Rituele oorsprong en verschillende speelwijzen Binkey Kok, Havelte
ISBN: 90-74597-12-2
This book gives a good overview on the didgeridoo, its background, Aboriginal culture, playing techniques etc.
Book Donni Hakanson Het orakel van de droomtijd Becht, Haarlem
ISBN: 90-230-0993-2
A mix of Aboriginal art and dreamtime stories with Tarot like fortune telling or oracles. Also without being a fan of tarot the stories are also nice to read. The paintings on the cards are modern style desert (dot) painting.
Book Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker Droombeelden, Tjukurrpa:
Aboriginal kunst uit de Western Desert
ISBN (Dutch): 90-71691-23-3
ISBN (English):
ISBN (German):
Pictures, stories, explanations of the dreamtime and Aboriginal Artwork.
Exhibition at the Groninger museum, 1995
Book John Diamond The Life Energy in Music, Volume I Archaeus Press, Valley Cottage, NY
The Diamond Center, LCC
South Salem, NY
The influence of music on breathing and on the human body. The didgeridoo is mentioned because of its effects on breathing.
Book John Douillard Body, Mind and Sport Crown Trade Paperbacks, New York
ISBN: 0-517-88383
Huh? A sports book in the didge booklist? Yes! In chapter 10 John describes Mind-Body Breathing, and guess what, this is precisely the didgeridoo way to breathe (except for the Circular Breathing). When you've been to a workshop of Mark Atkins he will have explained his breathing method (making hardly any noise). In this book it's called the Darth Vader Breathing.
Book John Llewelyn The Didgeridoo Book, play the didgeridoo from beginners to advanced Colemans Printing, Alica Springs
ISBN: 0 646 41745 2
A rather thorough instruction booklet with a CD explaining how to play the didge. It even explains a couple of more complex rhythms.
Book Karl Neuenfeldt The Didjeridu: From Arnhem Land to Internet John Libbey, Sydney.
1 86462 004 8
Lots of aspects on the didge, with interviews with a number of well known players. Refers often to the Mills Mailing list.
Book Marlo Morgan Australie op Blote voeten /
Mutant Message Downunder
(Dutch:) A.W. Bruna, Utrecht.
A nice fictionous roman and that's pretty much it. It's a pity that a lot of people think it is a true story. When you really want to read real facts about the Aboriginal people, you can better read e.g. Ad Borsboom's book
Book Robert Lawlor Voices of the First Day:
Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime
Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont
ISBN: 0-89281-355-5
. . .
Book Wally Caruana Aboriginal Art
World of Art
Thames and Hudson
ISBN: 0-500-20264-8
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