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Sfinks 2000
Didgeridoo Workshop

Impressions of the Sfinks 2000 Didgeridoo Workshop, 24 - 28 July 2000

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Didge Mob 2000
Didge Mob 2000

Gary Thomas, Steve Goldsmith, Charlie McMahon & Mark Atkins Gary, Mark & Charlie Gary, Mark & Steve
The Didge Masters,
Gary, Steve, Charlie & Mark
Gary, Mark & Charlie
Gary, Mark & Steve
Just before a small show

Waiting for a small show
Students... Students . . .
More students . . . And even more students . . .

With Singing And Dancing
Singing Dancing
Steve Goldsmith Dancing
With Steve Goldsmith

Lots of Didges . . .
Crossed Euca's Plastic Didgeribones
Crossed Euca's And plastic bones
(with Seismic Sensor)

Backstage! 6 Students played with Charlie on Sfinks,
Sunday July 30th, on the Main Stage.
Some backstage impressions...
Main stage & Mud
Up front

View from the main stage on the Mud (early in the morning)
Stage fright??
Steve & Gary, relaxing / preparing
before the show
Gary & Charlie & Audience
Charlie & Gary
& the Audience
Mr. Sound Man Steve in traditional clothing
Mr. Soundman SSSAHHH ! ! 

On stage
Some photos of Charlie 
and his group on the
main stage.

Photos (c) 2000 Elly Vanhoomissen

Charlie and 6 students on the Main stage: Ian, Roland, Kris, Ricardo, Celinda and Wim
Roland, Kris and Ricardo Charlie, Didgeribone and other electronics
All images (c) 2000 copyright Roland Mathijssen, last 3 photos (c) copyright 2000 E. Vanhoomissen
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